Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Complain? Really?

You can only complain about the things in life you can change. 

If you complain about being the size you are (aka tall or small) than learn to accept that somethings ... well a lot of things in life are unchangeable.  However on the thin or wide side of size, do something to change it and make yourself better! Work out (something I have a difficult time committing to) or eat healthy more (if you really have the problem of being too thin, I can't help, sorry)
If you complain about your relationship because you are unhappy or unsatisfied with something, than change it! Do something to make it better or get out!
If you complain about your job or your situation in life, change it! Be where you want to be and if you are not do everything in your power with your ability to get there!
Be what you want, be with who you want, and be happy with who you are!

Life is too short to complain. It only brings you down. 

Today I read in the paper about a girl born 10 days after myself passed away due to an unknown issue from a birth defect. She left on this earth a 3 year old daughter. That girl (I say girl cause I still can't think of myself old enough to say lady or woman) left this world too early and never got to see or experience so much of life. Because of something that nobody could change a little girl is now without her mother. This could be any one of us, and yet sometimes we forget the simple gift of life. With Thanksgiving fast approaching everyone is busy busy busy with preparing the house or setting vacation plans or cooking up fabulous foods... stop and be thankful for something, and most of all ...

be thankful for life. 
your loved ones...
your lost...
Be thankful for what time you have ... because nobody knows how short life really can be...

I'm not putting this into words because I'm ooobber (a word my sister-in-law uses that I'm not even sure is a word) wise, but mostly because putting it in writing reminds me to be a more grateful, thankful, whole hearted, loving person & hopefully it will help you too.

Best wishes & Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nothing like love

When the day seems a little gray... there is nothing like a little puppy love to bring out a smile.
If you give a little ... they give back... 

Puppy kisses

Brotherly Love

Every baby needs a mommy


belly rubs... 

hold me while I sleep...



Peaceful rest

True Love