Sunday, January 8, 2012

The little things

What do we have in life that if we really thought about it we don’t NEED?

I don’t have a cell phone, I don’t get service at my house so why would I need one? But... somehow I still want one, because they are convenient. However they are also a pain. No matter where you are you have no excuse of not being found. I hate that, because sometimes I just want to hide from everyone & everything and listen to the peacefulness around me. I don’t have TV at home, but we just bought tv’s before Christmas? Does that make sense to you? We watch Netflix, and movies and we spent a lot of money to do so. We don't have internet, but we have 2 computers and two desks to store them on.  I have a 2100 sqft house that is full of things I’ve forgotten I have. Do I really need those things? I’ve lived there 2 years and there are still things packed in boxes. Why do we keep these things? Are we as american's so attached to having material items that you can’t part with them? I am completely against hording useless things so why do I have STUFF I don't use? I’m just going to have to put that in my brain and clean, clean, clean… purge, purge, purge clutter!

Silly things like papers and pictures that I can scan and go paperless, so why do I keep these things? There is no reason & no more excuses!

2 days off, be prepared. Boxes are coming out and thrift store donations will be made! Time to PURGE! 

Garbage, clutter, crap, useless items in my house... hit the tracks! And don't come back!

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