Thursday, December 29, 2011

one of many

I’m not a writer, but I need to learn new things so I’m creating a blog. So this will be about as random as it gets, but whoooo cares right?

So you want to know a little bit about me? I grew up on 12 acres without electricity, running water & septic in a single wide trailer. Quite the childhood let me tell you! I thank my parents for being “poor” because it created character and diligence in myself & my 5 siblings. That’s right, I’m one of six Jones kids! Three older brothers, one older sister and a baby brother. In my house you had to learn to be quicker, smarter, more clever, or in my case… more charming than the others.  With the living conditions we were provided with you learned how to ride a bike, dig a ditch and play in the great outdoors no matter what the weather and enjoy it. Something as simple as “kick the can”  & “Hide & Seek” with our dog being the seeker were things we did for entertainment instead of watching tv or playing video games, or going to the mall. It gave us a unique gratitude for life.  That’s my childhood in a nutshell…
My late teen hood & pre-adulthood:
In 2006 I met a man who fell in love with me and changed my life. 

Thanks to the housekeeping manager, Marty Bennett who gave a young 17 year old a job at Schweitzer Mountain Resort (who had she seen this young girls room at home would have had second thoughts about hiring her) and then recommended me for the front desk of the hotel 3 weeks later. Having just turned 18 shortly after starting at front desk I found a man who thought I hung the moon… (I did by the way & yes it’s made of cheese ;-) )
5 years later with a few bumps along the way we are still in love & happy just living life day by day and being together.

Today I live in Sandpoint Idaho only 30 minutes from my childhood home of Athol Idaho (yes go ahead and make the joke) and enjoy the beautiful mountain/lake lifestyle. This is my home - isn't it beautiful? 
In 2009 I bought a secondary waterfront house with my wonderful boyfriend just off the Pend Oreille River & about 8 miles from town. We live, love, and laugh because we can.

I work at Tomlinson Sotheby’s International Realty as the Front Office Administrator. So what that means is I’m the girl at the front with a smile on her face and a coffee in her hand that greets the clients, answers the phones, and puts up with the REALTORS® with  superior service attitude because no matter what I am determined to be positive! Life is too short not to enjoy the ride & If you let the weather influence your mood, you are a weak person so buck up & SMILE! 

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